“Wow, it is even more luminous and vibrant in real life!” (said about original painting) And yes, it is. An original painting shines with the process that created it.

That is simply so. Hand, heart, thought …. And the inspiration that occasionally honors us humans with its joyous visit. These things can be felt through colors and lines in the room where the artwork is hanging.

It is special to be in a room with an original work of art.

Pay with ViaBILL: The payment can easily be divided into installments of up to 10 months with ViaBILL. Contact me if you want this, then I will create the painting as an item in the shop, and you can pay at just the pace that suits you.

See all the paintings for sale HERE: https://lisemeijer.dk/paintings-for-sale/?lang=en
And don´t hesitate to contact me, by answering this e-mail or call (+45) 40547946.

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Love from Lise.

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