That´s me, making my first ever self portrait with a camera

I recently passed the date of my birth which means that my age now starts and ends with the number 4  (not 404). I love the onsetting feeling of space and freedom that seems to accompany this age. Sometimes I think back and wish I had known all I know today when I was 22. Instead of being ashamed of my insecurity, I would embrace it. Instead of holding back, I would feel the fear and do it anyway. And rather than waiting for life to show goodness, I would start creating it consciously from a much earlier age. I am not regretting how things have been, there is so, so much to be grateful for. I just wonder what 22 year old Lise would have been up to, if  she knew what I know today.

And I wonder what 88 year old Lise would tell me if she could speak to me today. Maybe something really simple  like “worry less and give more thanks”. Or something about the strength of patience. Or maybe I can´t even percieve anything close to it because I am not there yet. I do think she would know things that could benefit my life tremendously where I am right now, allowing me to do even more of what I am meant to with my time here on earth.

So today I pray that I will be able to hear just a few of her messages. I ask her today to whisper some of her wisdom in my ears – so that I may not spend too much time doing things of little true value, but rather giving energy to things that would make wise and mature 88 year old Lise nod and smile a true, deep smile.

Message to the more mature me:

Dear mature Lise.

Would you please help me  find the wisest ways to do what I am here to do in my life. And would you also help me find deep peace and contentment as I walk and learn along the path.

Thank you – can´t wait to meet you!

(From a bright walk near our house)

(The stream and the path next to it where I love to walk)

(The bridge over the stream – the water recently raised and moved this bridge about one meter away from it´s original placement by the gate as you can see.)

“Welcome maturity”, acrylic on canvas

I heard the prayer below in many different versions, it always warms my soul:

Grant me

The serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

(Reinhold Niebuhr)

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