“And in her heart she held the bud
Of all that wanted to grow and flourish
When it was time again”

Dear you

Today, the 21rst of December is winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. From tomorrow the light will slowly return.

Deep secrets are carried under the ground during this time – and the sun, the planets and the stars send their finest energy to help prepare what is happening in the darkness beneath the surface.

It is also in the protective darkness in our mind that new possibilities are born. And our life dreams can too enjoy the fine energy right now.

Protect them well, like the earth protects its seeds. Sit with them, like a witness. Carry them near your heart. Until one day you are ready to let them face the light and begin to shoot where everyone can see them.

Love from Lise.

(Text from Creative Tuesday Vitamins, they are FREE – sign up via the box on the landing page.)

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