“And in her heart she held the bud
Of all that wanted to grow and flourish
When it was time again”

Dear you

Today, the 21rst of December is winter solstice, the darkest day of the year. From tomorrow the light will slowly return.

Deep secrets are carried under the ground during this time – and the sun, the planets and the stars send their finest energy to help prepare what is happening in the darkness beneath the surface.

It is also in the protective darkness in our mind that new possibilities are born. And our life dreams can too enjoy the fine energy right now.

Protect them well, like the earth protects its seeds. Sit with them, like a witness. Carry them near your heart. Until one day you are ready to let them face the light and begin to shoot where everyone can see them.

Love from Lise.

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Being gentle is a powerful gift you give yourself

Being gentle is a powerful gift you give yourself

Be gentle - available as signed print!

Be gentle – available as signed print, just click the picture…..




The gentleness you give yourself carefully nourishes your inner willingness to open yourself to life. When you treat yourself gently, your zest for life is allowed to come bubbling like a liberated source from within your own core.

Carefully you are being listened to by the most important person in your life – yourself – and slowly you become open to the dance of life, of sheer pleasure simply because you can and want to. And in that dance lies a great strength.

Willingness to the dance of life can not be stamped out of the ground or planned to the surface (though both stamping and plans have their place in life). The desire to be part of the dance of life must be nurtured from within, with gentleness, good things and much listening – from yourself to yourself.

It is a powerful gift to be gentle with yourself.

Love from Lise.

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