Right now, my life is filled with cards, cards, cards… the first web-shop-edition of Lise Meijer cards! And cellofan bags, envelopes and packaging for shipping them anywhere in the world. I want to let these 8 freshly printed cards begin their journey. They are PRETTY, BIG and GLOSSY,and the colors are truly beautyful. The printer did a good job. Cards are ready. I am ready. My shop is aaalmost – but – not – yet – ready. It will open real soon. Can´t wait to make the announcement.

For first-hand-notice on this and other things creative, connect with me here on facebook, I would love to be your friend in FB land!

Life feels so busy and full these days. Like the pic above: Papers, brushes paint and laptop in one pile! To me the brushes look like they were meant for dipping in the coffee or drinking water. It strangely hasn´t happened yet! Beautyful, creative and a bit too crammed. That is a good picture of my life right now. So many wonderful things. But just a bit too much all together.

Truth is: I am already doing so much of what I love in life. I paint, make postcards, write and sing. And get payed for it. And for that I am so grateful. On the front of the folder above from this retreat it says: “do what you love Lise Meijer”. Yes, I say. And for a good part I am. But I do feel the need to make my inner life more simple. To slow down the pace a bit.

Above: Runes parents came from Holland to visit and help with the house building. Pure joy to watch Celeste and Vincent reunite with their grandparents. It´s only been some months but they sure have been missed.

  I would like my life to have more space around each beautyful thing. I know: that shift can only happen inside me. And I know it is real simple. I also know it can seem so, so hard to make that shift when I am removed from it. How on earth to be at peace with what I do each moment? I actually do know. I simply have to make that peace. And then trust that there is time enough for the really important things. Because there are. I know it. And with the right kind of process time becomes elastic, round and creative. I want that kind of time to have more space in my life. That is part of what I love.

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