(from a small café in a bus-waiting room at the harbour in Stege, Denmark)

Did you ever take yourself out for coffee (or tea) in a nice café? Sometimes I settle into a “Café-office” for a couple of hours. Sit down in a nice café. Order coffee, and read or write. It is quality-food for my soul, especially if I just sit and write freely and sort of see life from above for a while.

(Here in “Brænderiet”, a restaurant in Stege with many small and big rooms. Cosy!)

There is something incredibly calming and inspiring about sitting out somewhere, working. No “home duties” to distract. Just me, my writing book or computer and – good coffee. The luxury of being served once in a while. I remember how shy I felt first time I did it. I was afraid everyone would watch me and think I was lonely, without any friends. But I did try it, I had promised myself. And I found out that this very thing I feared turned out to be such a source for good process and tons of inspiration. Du you know any really nice cafés, please let me know, it may just be a welcome excuse to make a little tour one day!

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