Dancing with Light – new painting

Dancing with Light – new painting

Dear human.

I see you right there, in the middle. Dancing with the light, rooted in your darkness. It has been a long journey, but you are slowly learning to love both. Darkness give you grounding. Light lift your spirit. When you dance with the light and know your darkness, you are able to create magic – in the tension field between the two. That is what makes you human. And that is why I love you immensely.

– Lise Meijer 2019
Dancing with Light – paper, acrylic and pens on canvas (painted edges, no need to frame it).
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“Wow, it is even more luminous and vibrant in real life!” (said about original painting) And yes, it is. An original painting shines with the process that created it.

That is simply so. Hand, heart, thought …. And the inspiration that occasionally honors us humans with its joyous visit. These things can be felt through colors and lines in the room where the artwork is hanging.

It is special to be in a room with an original work of art.

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Love from Lise.

NB: All paintings are treated with UV filter-lacquer so that the colors can sing year after year.



“Standing in Gratitude” Mixed media on canvas, 24 x 30 cm – find it HERE – and please contact me directly for questions about originals

A few pieces of new art has been listed, one of them is this about GRATITUDE

“If you allow yourself to be grateful for the little things you already have, your heart will start to ring with the tune of gratitude.

It does, however require one thing: that you let go of the false luxury of complaining. As in LET IT GO. STOP. NO-GO. NADA. NIENTE.

It is NOT easy. Believe me, I often want to….”
(read full text in today’s Creative Tuesdays Vitamins:https://mailchi.mp/…/hvordan-man-trder-vk-fra-mangel-og-ind…)

Love from Lise.

NEW ART: Your true colors

NEW ART: Your true colors

“Your true colors” 40 x 50 cm, € 430


Dear you.

It is autumn, and you don´t quite know how to wear your new suit.You remember the soft shades of spring, intoxicating and tempting, opening doors in your life as easily as an apple flower flies in the wind. Later, you enjoyed the summer burst of color, while closing your eyes and dancing in a dress of fragrant roses. Oh, how beautiful you were in your summer dress!

Still, I prefer your autumn.

I sense who you really are when the goldenness of autumn shines through your leaves with the light of truth.I see all which was always inside you, outside. The wise. The raw. That which is afraid of dying. That which knows that love never dies. The brutal honesty, like the words you dare to say when you nothing to lose, but everything to win.

In your autumn, I see that in you, I know I can trust. I see the things you have built inside you, a wealth that nobody can steal. Qualities that live because you have won each and every one through the pain and joy of your life.

And I see the humility that appears in those who has acknowledged their own mistakes, and realized that it is not mistakes at all. Just an area of life that the light of love has not yet fully penetrated.

I see your wildness – your strength and your ability to set your own direction without crushing others on your way.

I love you, because you are yourself with all your colors. And I love your autumn suit!

Love from Lise.

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You are a true blessing (& NOT a burden)!

You are a blessing

“You are a blessing”, paper, pens & acrylics on canvas, 24 x 30 cm. – 1200 DKK/ 206 USD)


The words in this painting reads:


“You are a true blessing. With all your funny quirks & odd colors. You are NOT a burden! You are you……You are a life force, an honest party, a true story and a waterfall of inspiration & beaming smiles. You are a blessing, just as you are!”


One day I was sitting browsing some favorite music videos, and in then my eye caught something in the background of Ed Sheerans “The fault in our stars” video: a yellow stick-on-note on a creative note board with those handwritten words: ” you are NOT a burden”. It  only showed for a second or less in the video. But for some reason it moved me deeply. To tears actually. And I felt a deep, deep soul-relief.


Why? I know that many Creative people in this world sometimes feel as if they don´t fit in. I guess all humans feel that from time to time, but I think creative thinkers feel that more frequently.


In this part of the world we have been so, so trained in logic thinking and often so undernourished in our creativity. It takes a lot to stay true to our creativity in  a time like this. Our bubbling way of thinking may be perceived by others as funny, weird or even beautiful….but not always as clever or useful.


Many people feel they have been so “de-creativized” (YES, a new word!!!) that logic and common sense seem to rule the day rather than dreams and visions. In that picture creative thinkers may appear as slightly odd and non-practical or without the feet on the ground compared to people who are more logically inclined.


We may even feel as if we are a burden. To others. And to life itself. Just by being ourselves. With all our bubbles. But of course we are needed, too! Very much so. And of course we all need a bit of both logic sense and creativity to have well being and visions and a practically functioning  happy life.


Cheers to all our beautiful creative minds who sometimes say or do the oddest things! Our oddnesses makes every single one of us so special!


Xx Lise.

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