Sometimes we need a first aid kit. Something to rescue situations gone wrong. Lift energy levels dropped way below normal. Or to alleviate the pressure it can be to live in a world as wild, big, and incomprehensible as ours.

I have several things in my “kit”, here´s a few you might like too:

I use this book above written by Sarah Ban Breathnach to settle my soul at night before going to sleep. After reading her little beautyfully written piece for the day, it all makes sense.

And films. When I know I need to watch something truly soothing to my soul, I tend to watch the same couple of  films over and over. To me, the movies Dan in real life and The holiday qualifies for that. Watched both several times. Both describe situations between people in life that is seemingly messy and not falling into place. Until everyone starts being who they really are, and it all begins to fit, everyone is reliefed and it all makes sense. That´s the world I like to remind myself about when I need to be soothed from the ruffle of life that we all experience from time to time.

And some soothing music:


To me, theese two young swedish sisters have found a perfect name for their band, It soothes my soul to hear so pure and charming music. Did you hear them yet? Also love this one by them.

If nothing of this works, I call a friend who know me well. Someone who can remind me of who I really am, when I have forgotten. We all forget who we are and what strength we hold from time to time. And we all need the comfort from other human beings. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that everyone else feel the same way: that we need each other, and how natural and human and utterly important that is.

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