Yesterday I had my first real vernissage. I had exhibitions before, but never with a real opening with bubbly wine and snacks and cake. So I got to talk about my pictures and creative process. And I sang a song I wrote about how inspiration can jump into you when you see something that speaks to your heart. That is what happened to me just before starting to paint again. Maybe I will tell that story here one day.

It felt like a treat to have the space and time to share it, and I got a bit carried away and spoke longer than planned. I guess I was allowed since it was first time. There should be a learning curve to everything…

So thankful for this whole experience. It felt like a key step in some ways.

This weekend I was invited to the neighbours house for cake together with Vincent (our son, 5 years old). Wanted to bring something small and nice. Decorated a candle in such a simple way, totally enjoyable.

I used: 2 kinds of gift-wrapping-band, glue and 3 felt-butterflies.

Celeste (our 8 year old daughter) also loves to make things. She made me, with help from a skilled crafter at school, the little wonderful pen-holder. I put it onto use immediately.

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