“Carrying roses” acrylic/paper on canvas, 18 x 24 cm 

I had so much fun creating these 3 paintings. I went for only the colors I was attracted to right now and added anything that was pleasing me visually. No deep starters. That was my plan. Also I tried to work faster than usual. I truly enjoyed the process for a change. And I really like this little french inspired series, there are a few more on their way. The above is definately inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts, the awesome girl who inspired me to write her a song before I hardly knew who she was. The song that she later recieved with joy and generously posted on her hugely popular blog and so the joy kept circling, what a wonderful world we live in….

“Slow down” acrylic/paper on canvas, 18 x 24 cm 

Did I tell you I loooove baths? Real ones in a bathtop. And for years and years I lived without one! So I became very creative in scueezing myself into the biggest childrens tub I could track down, adding fancy salts and all to make the most of it. It worked, but of course not as well as the real thing. And now, veeeery soon I am actually going to HAVE ONE in our new almost ready house (almost = a month or two to go). That is so awesome and I am truly thankful!

“You can fly” mixed media on canvas, 20 x 40 cm 

Because we can all fly in our very own way, every single day a little freeing tour or maybe a big leap!

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