A park, a castle, a greenhouse, a café, a shop….a soul-restoring place. Gisselfeld is a place on this planet I totally love to visit. Calmness seems to gently enter me when I enter the gate.

It is also the place where they now sell the new line of Lise Meijer cards, yes, yes, yes!  You can now find them in the beautiful shop inside the orangerie, kept by two incredibly talented men (danish people will know them from the TV show “have haves” about gardens.)

When I was  a young aspiring artist/woman/pathfinder in life, I spend a summer holiday with some friends not far from where we now live. It was a kind of an “artist-hide-away” cottage in the middle of nowhere. One day we went on a bike-trip to a nearby castle with a gorgeous park: Gisselfeld!

I immediately fell in love and went back alone the next day, and sat in the park  for hours, painting and dwelling at the lake. That was then, and that was my first romance with Gisselfeld.

Now, many years later, it has become one of the places I go to every summer to refresh my soul. It is such a magical place. The nature with the giant old trees and the caringly kept gardens with herbs and flowers are truly healing to the mind and soul. The lake creates the pause and mirror we all need in a rushy life.

And then the greenhouses, oh, the greenhouses! Kept like an Aladdin´s cave with small decor-surprise hidden so elegantly behind green leaves and blooming flowers and….oranges! And when you first step in, you´ll be enchanted by the sound of….well, you´ll have to hear that for yourself!

 I am grateful there are places like Gisselfeld, kept specifically to carry beauty and to cause calmness and settlement to stay with us – while we stay with it. That, to me, is special.

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