“And I know I am naive, but if anything
That’s what’s going to save me
That’s what’s going to save me”

From the song “New years eve” by First Aid Kit

Recently a lady told me that until she heard me talk about the background for my paintings she thought they were all very naive. Hearing the background changed her mind, and she saw many levels in one painting.

“Journey together/ Rejse sammen” Acrylic and paper on canvas, 24 x 30 cm (sold/solgt)

“Journey together/ Rejse sammen” Acrylic and paper on canvas, 24 x 30 cm (sold/solgt)

(To purchase Journey together as print, head over HERE)

To me, the right kind of naivety is precious. And I believe it can save us. Keep us refreshed in a child-like, yet mature belief that goodness always wins. Believing in the goodness in our own heart and in others. And knowing that such a belief is contagious. Just like cruelty is contageous, or anything else we decide to occupy our minds with, so is goodness. And since goodness feels so much more right to the healthy human, so much more joyful,  I do believe it will be the strongest force as long as there is one sane human on this earth. So much inspiration, care and joy can live inside this just one human, housed by one body. This house that each single one of us is gifted on the day of arrival her on earth.

And I believe that together we can create wonders. Still, like many of us, I struggle some days to remember that. Then comes along a video like this, and any doubt is washed away; we were born to work together, and to have enough naivety to keep believing in goodness and joy:


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