Lately I have been thinking a lot about the balance between the process and the result. Like the process of baking a cake and the result of the finished cake. I absolutely love both: I love to be lost in process and also to get a tangible result out of it. And I am aware that I have a need for those two states to appear in reasonably balanced  portions in my life.

(Creative quickie about finding the balance between what I want and what I do in life)

I know I need to create just for the fun of creating. I deliberately do that almost every day, often in creative quickies. But for me, it is also utterly important to get a practical outcome I can share with others from some of the stuff I create.

Truth be told, I did not always have an easy time getting my own creative results out in the world. It took me a long time to realise how much happiness actual creative birth gives me. And that it is a completely natural process: to create and then to enjoy the result. And to show that result or put it to use in the world in some way, and not be shy about it. Once I understood, I knew it was my responsibility to make that happen, also with my art.

(One actual creative birth I am real proud of: postcards with motives from my paintings, yay!)

I do believe that when something makes us happy, it is wise to do more of that, in whatever way we can. I am sure there is a creating power out there (call it God, a higher power, the universe or what you may prefere) who smiles a big, deep, contagous smile whenever one human being manage to do and be…happy. So simple. Not always easy, but simple.

(Small beautyful moments can stand alone….creative quickie)

Did you wonder lately what makes you happy? It may be something really simple like the smell of the trees after rain or the smile from a loved one. It may just make other people smile and take a deep breath to hear your “happy´s”! I would love to hear….

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