Shared language, new painting

I don´t always feel romantic, but I do have a romantic soul. I enjoy romance in many forms, like in that old café where I could sit and write for hours or in the sound of a longing irish tune. And I truly enjoy when me and Rune find the time, space and language to connect. And isn´t it like that; couples need to find something to meet in, something that is neither solely me or you, but a third room or interest, that offers that space where connection is possible?

Time to nurture

Recently couples have been creeping into my canvasses again, I think these two paintings above make a nice couple too, they seem to like each other, hanging right now on the wall in my livingroom, before being send out in the world real soon (they go to a shop, but they are for sale, contact me if you are interested)

The other night Rune and I made a celebration. We didn´t really know what specifically to celebrate so we decided to celebrate life. So, here´s to this wonderful weird, challenging, ever renewing life we are born into here on this planet. I am truly grateful for being here. Cheers!

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