New painting: Time to nurture

So much nurturing is going on right now. It seems that any alive thing in this part of the planet are drinking sunshine like a life-saving vitamin-boost. And it is. Lifesaving.

I cherish the season´s.  All of them. Am grateful I live in a part of the world where I can jump with spring, be out in the oneness of everything during summer, dive into my creativity when autumn comes and rest during winter…..ready to jump again.  Of course I don´t do only one thing at a time. (Sometimes I also jump in winter!) But nature does. And I am grateful for those reminders that we are all part of something so much bigger. The cycle inspire me. And right now, I am grateful for the nurturing ability of spring for my soul, oh, so needed!

Our house!

Yes, it is happening! After almost 4 years of living in a caravan-home (but a great one), our house is now being built right there in the garden where we live. It feels great to see it grow in front of our eyes. I had such a hard time visualizing how it would actually be (I know, an artist having a hard time visualizing!!?). And it is like a healing to see it there. Everybody needs a nest. I need a nest with windows!

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