The sound of A sudden stillness


(“Healing hearts”. Text reads: “In the quiet spaces lives JOY – CREATIVITY – CONNECTION + CARE. Healing of our hearts. To purchase this original painting, contact me.)

The other night I sat down in my living room together with Rune after the children were put to bed. During all the busyness of life we have learned that if we want to have some time together we best put it in the calendar, at least once a week. But often, when we reach that point of the day where the dinner has been served + cleaned away and the children has got their attention and love and are put to bed, we are both a bit frazzled. And it takes quite a shift to move into anything new. So, that night, we agreed to just sit for a while. And take a moment to breathe.

And there I sat and was completely STILL. For more than 5 minutes. at 8.30 pm. Wow!

Lise Meijer profil (2 of 21)

(Me, on a beach on Bornholm)

As I settled, I began to notice the many fine sounds in the room. The calmness of the evening, inviting us to listen to the inner voice and find peace with whatever IS. And I SAW my life, and me in it.

I began noticing how much I have in my life to be grateful for. It is a lot. And I felt the healing of being grateful for what there IS, rather than to long for what IS NOT.

It hit me almost as a chock how I very rarely just SIT.  Without having some specific inner or outer activity going on. I have many wonderful practices. I consider my painting process as kind of a meditative state, a deep inner quiet and a connection to fine things. I do running and pilates. And I walk. I also write morning pages. But just sitting without doing anything has not been part of my practise, so far. From now on it will.

And to be quiet together with someone I care for before engaging is a beautiful way to start a meeting.

Thank you, Quiet moment. Once again, I am grateful to be alive. I will try to remember.

Tree of Dreams - Drømmetræet

(“Dreamtree”, original sold – signed prints available HERE)

Fly! (All is well)


“Fly!” (A song I wrote last winter) Text HERE

Each one of us have our own unique set of wings. They are created from passion, from our courage to be ourselves, to love and to do the best we can with the abilities we have been given. It’s not big and difficult things that make up our wings, we are all born with these abilities.

You can fly

(“Fly” – the painting –  prints available here. Buy original? Contact me)

But sometimes we forget. Like a bird in an open cage, we stay and the idea that we can fly freely simply don´t occur. But we can, if we want to. All we have to do is spread our wings and try! And choose to trust life that so generously has given us all these human abilities in the first place.

Quiet now

(“Quiet now” Painting sold, prints available HERE.)

All those pieces of life…all part of the puzzle, let´s embrace them the best we can. Haven´t we seen over and over that they all have a part to play? Even the odd ones that doesn´t seem to fit at first. So often they become the important learning seen from a distance. Maybe just for today we can choose to take a deep breath. And trust that all is well.

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