Introducing: Mrs Bathtub!!!

She welcomes you with candle light and scented lavender oil. She helps you relax. She will caress you and take you in, and allow you to stay as long as you want. She is a delight. She is not big, but she is ours and she is perfect!


We finally, finally got our bathtub! I feel entitled to say: I got MY bathtub! I have had it on my wish list since I last lived with one, and that is soooo long ago. I was in my twenties and studying. Living in a shared apartment in Copenhagen with other young people. And we had a bathtop – and I promised myself that a bathtub should definately be part of my life, also after I moved from that place. But for some reason I didn´t manage to give it first priority until now. There are some things in life that makes us feel really, really good in body and mind, and for me, taking a bath is one of them.


 I often get my best ideas here. A bath makes it easy for to leave the state of being concerned with practicalities. It helps me connect to another more meditative state where creativity is a dance with beautiful ideas coming from outside of this planet.

Slow down

“Slow down” Original painting for sale, details here. Also avalable as a print (on sale rignt now!) here.

In all the years between then and now I did take baths, though, and I will pass on the secret on how in case you also love baths but don´t live with one now: I simply bought the biggest plastic-childrens-bathtub I could find on the market, and squeezed myself into that, using wet towels and a watercan to cover the parts that didn´t fit in. It worked fine, I definately recommend it as a plan B solution!


Still I am utterly thankful that we now have a real one in our home. She will be used again and again…..

Slow down…invite PASSION to join the journey!

Slow down

 “Slow down – let passion find you”, print available HERE.

When I want more passion in life, I know I´ll have to take the time to do things that are inviting for passion. And like a small child, passion will try to escape if I try to order it to play at a certain time and way. I may be looking for passion in life in general, in my worklife, in my friend-life or love-life. Passion needs to be courted, invited, tempted to come play. And one of the best ways I have found to invite passion is to slow down and let passion get a chance to find me….by doing something it can recognize, something simple that I love – perhaps going for a walk, bringing home spring branches to pop or taking a bath!


As part of inviting creative inspiration into my life, I make “Creative quickie” pages in a journal I keep just for that. The idea is to make something quick and fun, that doesn´t have to BE  “anything”. I often end up loving these pages a lot, simply because no pressure were involved, only play!

The one above reads: “Slow down so that passion can join the train, and together you may go on a journey that will take you much further than if you travelled alone. Let passion join the journey!”

Yes, let´s allow passion to join the journey today by slowing down and doing one simple thing we love doing! I would love to know what your favourite slowing down activity is…..please!?

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