The tiny step that will change your life

Today was a day that really counted.

Not because I have been particularly effective, has made a super effort or achieved a lot.

My reality today was NOT like that. Very, very far from it.

“Nourish your seeds/Giv dine frø næring”, mixed media on canvas, 25 x 30 cm. Price: 1800 DKK

“Nourish your seeds/Giv dine frø næring”, mixed media on canvas, 25 x 30 cm. Price: 1800 DKK

Today was the kind of day where I could not see clearly. For inexplicable reasons I walked around in my own fog and swamp of procrastination all morning. The start of this day felt more like being a spectator to my own life and helplessly watching it slip by without any meaning. I was stuck in a feeling of unclarity, physically weakness and overwhelming uselessness. And as the hours passed, it only got worse.

It was past lunch before I realized how lost I actually was. I still felt discouraged, but now I was at least awake.

And then I finally took a miniature step in OUT of the fog.

HERE, right here was one of those moments that really counts; THE FIRST TINY STEP!

When I had taken that step my mind was a bit clearer. And I was able to rise enough above my own swamp and find space in my mind to ask:

What ingredient do I lack in myself to be able to create anything today and how would I really like to feel? And, what can provide this feeling?

“Jump into Joy/Hop ind I glæden” 30x40 cm/11,8 x 15,7 in – 2800 kr./ 525 $

“Jump into Joy/Hop ind I glæden” 30×40 cm/11,8 x 15,7 in – 2800 kr./ 525 $

Now I had taken not just one, but several small steps. And my direction had already changed. 3 steps in a new direction is a change of direction, although it is only 3 very small steps!

Everybody has days that are foggy or hard or downright unbearable. EVERYBODY. WITHOUT. EXEPTION.

And those days are really important. For this is where we could get lost if we just let things slide. And sometimes we may get lost for days, or months, or even years. But it is also on those days we have the opportunity to carve into our minds and lives which direction we sincerely want to take. To change direction requires just that; a conscious direction-change. Ever so gently, step by step. But with increased focus on where the heart longs to go.

Want to know what my first tiny step was? It was a really easy one (the first step should be small and easy, otherwise you won´t do it; you are after all in the middle of a swamp…). I watched this wonderful video with two love-beaming power ladies, and felt embraced, seen and inspired.

With wishes for loving but firm leadership of the parts of us that sometimes can be lost in swamps.

Love from Lise.

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Fly! (All is well)


“Fly!” (A song I wrote last winter) Text HERE

Each one of us have our own unique set of wings. They are created from passion, from our courage to be ourselves, to love and to do the best we can with the abilities we have been given. It’s not big and difficult things that make up our wings, we are all born with these abilities.

You can fly

(“Fly” – the painting –  prints available here. Buy original? Contact me)

But sometimes we forget. Like a bird in an open cage, we stay and the idea that we can fly freely simply don´t occur. But we can, if we want to. All we have to do is spread our wings and try! And choose to trust life that so generously has given us all these human abilities in the first place.

Quiet now

(“Quiet now” Painting sold, prints available HERE.)

All those pieces of life…all part of the puzzle, let´s embrace them the best we can. Haven´t we seen over and over that they all have a part to play? Even the odd ones that doesn´t seem to fit at first. So often they become the important learning seen from a distance. Maybe just for today we can choose to take a deep breath. And trust that all is well.

May the road rise up to meet you! Blessed 2013…


(“Sunshower”, original available)

“May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

And rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

(Old Irish blessing)

I love the simplicity and sincerity in the blessing above. Here, as I am gently getting aquainted with this brand new year 2013, these words that I originally know from a song keep sounding in my mind.

And also this:

“Remember, we are in this life-business together”

I know I am seeking to find a certain balance in 2013. To grow into a maturity where, whilst creating and pursuing and even going crazy wild with my own dreams, I all the time hold in my heart that I am part of a big tribe called Humans. We all are in this together. Interconnected in ways we may not even begin to comprehend the full scope of.


(Above: my 2013 calendar)

I know that every single one of us have our own dreams. However deep they may be buried, they are there. I know they are. I know you have dreams too. I am sure of it. Even if we don´t feel or hear them right now, they are still there, waiting for us to pay attention. And I also have come to know that those dreams are compasses, they point us in powerful directions in life. They whisper how to pursue what we came here to accomplish. And when we listen, they speak with a growing confidence, adding so much joy and a sense of meaning to any life. My life, your life. Revealing the dreams we did not even know was there. All it takes to begin is listening.

May 2013 be a year where many, many people listen carefully, helping those dreams get a chance to be born into life!

May the road rise up to meet you…..

love and best wishes for your 2013!


Finding peace inside the great puzzle of life

“Quiet now. Allow the pieces of life to settle in their own way and time. Even a shaken world can be transformed to a wonderful mosaic – with time” Mixed media on canvas, print available here.

The painting “Quiet now” was recently sold. The woman who bought it wrote me the sweetest mail where she told that she had to own it because it gave her a deep and serene feeling of peace. It made me truly happy to hear that.

Happy, because like most people, I sometimes wonder if my contribution to the world really matters.

Happy, because that´s exactly what those words caused in me too.

And happy, because I swear I did not think out this painting and words on my own. They came to me as small parts of a puzzle one day and landed on my canvas. Small soothing pieces from somewhere. And they simply asked me to be there and put the puzzle together. Still today if I have a day of feeling chaotic and without understanding of my road ahead those words give me peace.

Thanks to that angel or fairy or Inspiration who whispered just the right kind of soothing words that day when I needed it. And thanks for being allowed to create and pass it on, and to feel the deep joy of how we are indeed connected to each other during our time here. And how each of us is needed and have  an important part to play  in this puzzle called life.

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