Listening behind…

(From creative quickie book, image used is a Flora Bowley-visit-card!)

Who knows what this day will bring if we listen more to all the underlying things, listen to what we see when we rise on birdwings and watch the world from a little distance?

The greater understanding doesn´t  come as a point on our to-do list. It sneaks in and sits down at our side when we smile at the sun and watch the wind lift the leaves.

Let it grow!

Above is a good Creative quickie picture of how I feel at the moment: Ideas grow like flowers in the middle of my admin-hour, my walk in the grass, my dishes, my life. As far as I know that is how it is with ideas: as soon as we start creating a nourishing home for them, more ideas come knocking on the door, wanting a home too. Because in this world, things want to be born into reality.

I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, and sad whenever I don´t find the time to act on the ideas I get. So many new things are happening. We are building a house, I am building a  company around my paintings and creativity, both Rune and I have other jobs too, and we are also all the time building a family. Because that is clearly not something that just happens the first years of becoming parents. It is ongoing and growing just as the children.

(Celeste knitting)

It feels impossible to keep up sometimes. Impossible to find time to do the laundry or have a chat with my husband, because, we are also building a relationship all the time. Impossible to get a real good overwiew.

I guess I am being a bit dramatic about it all (yes, that´s me too), sometimes it just seems like it is impossible to do life. Like there is too much of it to do it. And then I know: That is part of the game here, for all of us. Try to find some balance. Find the space to prioritise. But more importantly, choose for a while to just be, to laugh, to see the world around me. Because from that state I am much closer to myself and only then I know what the importance is. I am right here. And that is the only point I can operate from, ever.

So, let this weired and wonderful life grow, I´m in!  Even with all the mistakes and bumps on the road it involves being a human. I´m in, yes I am.

Web Shop Open + Opening offer…ta-ta-ta-daa!

I am sooo exited: my very first webshop (in the whole world ever) is now open:

8 different BIG AND GLOSSY cards AND 8 different posters with truly deep and beautyful colors + all filled with passion and meaning are now for sale right here in the brand new Lise Meijer shop.

Above: cards in groups of 4 from the shop. The cards are seriously big and super glossy. They each make a real treat as a  card or as a small poster to go up on the wall. Go check them out here.

OPENING OFFER (of course): if you hurry and buy in the coming week and latest on june 24th, I will add an extra card on top of your purchase, just note in the buyers note which one of the 8 cards  you wish to be gifted! Yay, take off shop, take off and fly…

Above: Creative quickie, it reads:

“Oh, the inspiration luring just behind the door, around the corner, inside me when I´m still.

Come inspiration, I have a home for you, I want to play, to nurture you, to give you a voice.

I am ready to open the door – wide up!”

“Time to nurture, time to sing, it´s your time” Print available in Lise Meijer shop.

Oh, and please, share the shop news with anyone you think might appreciate it, share away, thanks a lot!

In love with the process and the result = actual birth!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the balance between the process and the result. Like the process of baking a cake and the result of the finished cake. I absolutely love both: I love to be lost in process and also to get a tangible result out of it. And I am aware that I have a need for those two states to appear in reasonably balanced  portions in my life.

(Creative quickie about finding the balance between what I want and what I do in life)

I know I need to create just for the fun of creating. I deliberately do that almost every day, often in creative quickies. But for me, it is also utterly important to get a practical outcome I can share with others from some of the stuff I create.

Truth be told, I did not always have an easy time getting my own creative results out in the world. It took me a long time to realise how much happiness actual creative birth gives me. And that it is a completely natural process: to create and then to enjoy the result. And to show that result or put it to use in the world in some way, and not be shy about it. Once I understood, I knew it was my responsibility to make that happen, also with my art.

(One actual creative birth I am real proud of: postcards with motives from my paintings, yay!)

I do believe that when something makes us happy, it is wise to do more of that, in whatever way we can. I am sure there is a creating power out there (call it God, a higher power, the universe or what you may prefere) who smiles a big, deep, contagous smile whenever one human being manage to do and be…happy. So simple. Not always easy, but simple.

(Small beautyful moments can stand alone….creative quickie)

Did you wonder lately what makes you happy? It may be something really simple like the smell of the trees after rain or the smile from a loved one. It may just make other people smile and take a deep breath to hear your “happy´s”! I would love to hear….

Café-office, I have a thing with you!

(from a small café in a bus-waiting room at the harbour in Stege, Denmark)

Did you ever take yourself out for coffee (or tea) in a nice café? Sometimes I settle into a “Café-office” for a couple of hours. Sit down in a nice café. Order coffee, and read or write. It is quality-food for my soul, especially if I just sit and write freely and sort of see life from above for a while.

(Here in “Brænderiet”, a restaurant in Stege with many small and big rooms. Cosy!)

There is something incredibly calming and inspiring about sitting out somewhere, working. No “home duties” to distract. Just me, my writing book or computer and – good coffee. The luxury of being served once in a while. I remember how shy I felt first time I did it. I was afraid everyone would watch me and think I was lonely, without any friends. But I did try it, I had promised myself. And I found out that this very thing I feared turned out to be such a source for good process and tons of inspiration. Du you know any really nice cafés, please let me know, it may just be a welcome excuse to make a little tour one day!

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